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Brattleboro VT ~ 2018 Visitor Guide ~ Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition

February 17–18, 2018

The Vermont Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition offers spectators an opportunity to experience the Olympic sport of ski jumping up close in all its breathtaking, heart-stopping glory. It draws some of the best competitors in the US. This amazing event is held on an Olympic-size, 90-meter hill.

VT ski jump

Ski jumping is a sport that truly needs to be seen up close to be appreciated and spectators can do that at Harris Hill Vermont

VT HH ski jump 1


Harris Hill Ski Jump is located on Cedar Street in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Free parking is on-site at the hill in the field.

It’s Vermont in February! For those who aren’t used to New England winters, it can be unpredictable, so it’s always best to dress in layers. Snow gear is highly recommended: waterproof boots, hat, gloves, long johns, etc. If it’s warmer, you can always peel off the layers!

You are in for a treat as the Harris Hill Vermont Ski Jump is a festive atmosphere with visits by Jumper the mascot, food vendors, music, event souvenirs and a heated beer tent with chairs and tables that are set up outside (weather permitting) at the base of the jump.

Vt HH ski jump

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