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Moose Pond Cabin ~ How to save hundred $$$ on your next vacation

How to save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation

If you are like my family, you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of extra dollars on a ‘service’ fees just so that you can book a property online!  So what to do? 

Here are some suggestions on securing the vacation rental without paying any additional fees:

1. Go ahead and look for a rental ALL OVER the Internet.  Google everything you can think of. Don’t restrict your search to HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, etc. Most homeowners now have vacation home websites like Moose Pond Cabin’s.  Do a little homework – it is worth it.

2. If you do find a home you want to rent on HomeAway, etc., try to find that home elsewhere on the internet before inquiring through the OTA (online Travel Agencies). If the home has a name (like Moose Pond Cabin) or another identifying feature, Google it and try to find the owner’s website and contact information. We will be so happy to hear from you and you will have saved yourself a bundle!

3.  Here’s a trick someone taught me – Google a photo of the house on the OTA’s site to see if the photo shows up on another website.  Most times, homeowners use the same photos on their OTA listing and on their own website.  To do that, go to the photo of the home on the OTA site and right click on it, then choose Search for Google Image.  It doesn’t work every time, but you could get lucky.

4.  Never be shy about contacting the owner directly, outside of an OTA site. Many vacation homeowners are very unhappy about Expedia price gouging YOU – our customers.

Some background…

In November 2015, Expedia bought HomeAway and its subsidiaries, which include VRBO, and a long list of others. (These companies are referred to as OTAOnline Travel Agencies.) Expedia paid $3.9 BILLION for that sale. This might not have been interesting news, but it has reshaped what it looks like for travelers to rent a vacation home.

How? Expedia is a public company.  That means they have one primary goal – to raise the price of their stock for shareholders. They do that by generating more revenue and profit. In a market where they do not own the product they sell – their product, vacation homes, are owned by the homeowners – there is only one easy way to generate more revenue and profit… FEES.
In the pre-Expedia days, vacationers would find a home to rent on an OTA site, contact the homeowner through that site, and make their reservation. Money exchanged hands directly between the guest and the homeowner through personal check or credit card.  The homeowner was able to email and talk with the guest to answer questions, help with vacation itineraries, and generally provide personalized customer service. The OTA made their money through subscriptions homeowners bought each year in order to be listed on the site. (Typically around $400).

Vacationers were happy.  Homeowners were happy. Wonderful vacations in wonderful homes were enjoyed.

Flash forward to early 2016. Expedia has to justify the $3.9 billion sale and so institutes a ‘service fee’ on each rental that the vacationer must pay in order to book the vacation property.  This service fee can be as much at 20% of the rental cost and it goes directly to Expedia’s bottom line.  There is a behind-the-scenes algorithm used by Expedia to determine the service fee % on each rental, which means there is no way to predict how much it will be until you get an online quote through the site. A recent guest at Moose Pond Cabin paid a service fee – $245!! – When they booked our home through an OTA. Yikes. I can think of about a thousand better things to spend vacation money on than fees. The fee can be hundreds – and in some cases, thousands – of dollars, depending on the cost of the rental. Again, this service fee goes right to the OTA’s bottom line, it was never intended as a way to provide you, the vacationer, with additional ‘service’. The service you get comes from the vacation rental owner – it always has. 

Another new change is that contact information between the homeowner and traveler is blocked. No longer can we talk to guests on the phone or email them to answer their questions before a reservation is made. This restriction was implemented so that homeowners and travelers are forced to run any transaction through the OTA website, ensuring the OTA gets their fee. A classic example of putting profit before customer service.

I hope this overview helps you on your next vacation search. Life is short, go on vacation!

Grafton Outdoor Center

skiing vermont Located in picturesque Grafton, Vermont, Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center is a perfect vacation destination in all seasons. Delight in skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, fat biking, and sleigh rides in the winter, or visit in the summer for mountain biking, swimming, hiking, and canoeing. At Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center, you’ll find activities, recreation, and events sure to entertain the entire family.


Grafton is just 10 minutes north of the Cabin and after a day snowshowing, cross country skiing and tubing with the family you can drive into the cute little town of Grafton and have a bite to eat at the Old Tavern and Phelps Barn Pub in the Grafton Inn. It’s a great rustic barn with good food and drinks, and come back in the evening for some music.

Phelps Barn Pub


783 Townshend Road
Grafton, VT 05146

(802) 843-2350



Mount Snow Brewers Festival

vermont beer festival

Mount Snow Annual Beer Festival

They are now in their 24th year celebrating beer, music and food during Labor Day Weekend at Mount Snow. It is a full weekend of fun with brewers  all coming to one location to let you try all the different beers from Vermont’s Breweries. There is also a lot of good music and a variety of food to try all weekend long. You can come for one day or the whole weekend.

Mount Snow Beer Festival



Our Rustic Log Cabin is a great place to stay while you enjoy your weekend at the festival. We are located just about a 35 minute drive from Mount Snow. Please check us out at



Vermont Rodeo

A Vermont Rodeo is not what would come to mind when you think of Vermont, but you would be missing out on a fun family activity if you were not aware that there is a great weekly Rodeo in a small town just north of Manchester. Pond Hill Ranch is located in Castelton VT and is a family owned 2000 acre ranch. They are a horse farm and you can visit and take a ride through their beautiful property 7 days a week. On Saturday evenings at 8pm from June 30 to September 1 you can watch a real authentic rodeo. The rodeo events include Bareback Bronc Riding, Calf roping, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding.

skeeze / Pixabay

Admission for 2018: CASH ONLY!

$12.00 for ages 12 and over

$6.00 For ages 6-12

Ages 5 and under free


Pond Hill Ranch

1683 Pond Hill Ranch Road

Castelton, VT  05735

Tel. (802)468-2449


Check out our rustic Moose Pond Cabin that sleeps 8 and is just over an hour from Castelton with so many other activities to enjoy in the area.

Vermont Brewery


Vermont Brewery- once you have visited a brewery in the beautiful mountains of Vermont you cannot help but understand how this is where the concept of the small quintessential micro brewery began. Vermont has so many great small breweries with incredible varieties of different types of brews. Some places like Harpoon Brewery has been around for quite some time and has a good solid following, while other smaller breweries like the River Roost Brewery has just gooten its feet wet and is a no frills place…no cornhole, no munchies, no nonsense kinda’ place. You come for the beer because it’s that good. The following Breweries are within driving distance of our cabin in Townshend Vermont. It can be a great addition to any day drive to stop in and try some of the varieties that each brewery is making. Some of the breweries have pub fair available and others are pure breweries where you can get a tour and some free tastings. The following list is just a sample, but I tried to list them in an order where you could actually take a day and visit all of them with a big looped drive. Remember to bring along a designated driver.


A cool little Vermont brewery in the heart of Brattleboro. Friendship, big ideas, and just a pinch of brewing skills (okay, more like a barrelful) all lead to the sour-specific brainchild of Christophe Gagné and Avery Schwenk. Here at Hermit Thrush Brewery, we’re dedicated to concocting the best New American Sours we can dream up — and we aren’t afraid to go old-school with our style. We combine environmentally sustainable practices (like wood pellet boilers) with age-old brewing processes and a harvest of locally grown ingredients. The end result? A pucker-inducing punch to the tastebuds, and barely a dent on the planet.

29 High Street

Brattleboro, VT


A Vermont brewery right on the beautiful Connecticut river. This is a riverside eatery featuring craft drafts, creative pub grub & year-round deck seating.

We brew small, experimental batches in our little brewery and lab. Our system is so small we can only make about 7 kegs of beer on each brewday. We serve just a few at a time and change them up about every few days or so. We challenge ourselves to “brew differently” balancing creativity and science to craft some unique and delicious offerings.

It’s got a nice atmosphere, with a nice dining space indoors and casual beer garden deck overlooking the Connecticut river out back. They also serve many dishes in cast iron for a special fun flair. The drink options are expansive and good, staff friendly and knowledgeable. The food is great – inspired by classic pub food with fun and creative touches. Everything we’ve ordered has been delicious. The menu is well labeled for gluten free options, and the staff is well trained on that, too. Definitely worth popping in for lunch or dinner for good, casual but nice food that doesn’t cost a fortune in a nice setting. It’s often packed, so expect to wait, but it’s worth it.

6 Bridge St, Brattleboro, VT 05301


j'ville brewery

Since this Vermont brewery is connected with a vineyard, it is a particularly beautiful spot. In 2012, the CEO of Honora Winery, Patty, approached Janice about potentially starting a brewery. They dreamed about how a brewery would run and what beers they would brew. In 2015 that dream became a reality! Janice has taken courses through the Siebel Institute, done some home brewing and had some hands on experience. the license for J’ville Brewery came through on March 17th 2015 and they got right to recipe development and brewing! J’ville specializes mainly in ales, with some experimental brews along the way. The tasting room has 16 oz cans, 32 oz crowlers and 32 oz growlers for purchase to date. There are 4 taps that rotate through the different types of beer, including some seasonal and limited brews.

201 Vermont Route 112
Jacksonville, VT 05342
Tel: (802) 368-2226


Elm City Brewing Company

This “Vermont” brewery is actually just across the boarder in Keene, NH, but we will not hold that against them. Keene is a great little town to visit. Elm City Brewing Company is a full-service restaurant and brewery open 7 days a week. With over 20 years dedicated to brewing beer, we believe that we have perfected the art of great beer and flavorful food.

Our Beer

Throughout our 20 years of operation, we have brewed many different types of beers. We are always adding and experimenting with our beers to make sure that we can deliver the best product to our customers. Here is a list of some of our favorite and frequently brewed beers. Our current selection is constantly changing, so make sure to check the page or stop in to see what we have new on tap at Elm City! You might just find your new favorite.

Fresh Food

At our core, we believe in serving fresh, homemade, flavorful food at all times. Fresh food is fundamental to our success and we believe that good food comes from good ingredients. We are proud to serve you food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever we can. Our soups, breads, sauces, salad dressings, and desserts are made fresh daily.

Recycling, Composting and Repurposing

Elm City Brewing Company proudly recycles and composts all of our prep food waste. Spent grains from the brewing process are picked up by Manning Hill Farm who uses them to help feed their livestock. We then buy their yummy milk that is packaged in reusable glass containers! Our empty grain sacks are given to Stonewall Farm which they use to package their compost. All of our to-go containers are biodegradable and we do not use plastic bags. Our drinking water is filtered and we do not sell bottled water. We are conscious about limiting packaging and shipping distances in the products we buy. We care about the environment and believe that making even the smallest changes can help make a difference.

Shopping Local

Our fresh, handmade food wouldn’t be the same without the help of local farmers supplying us with delicious, fresh ingredients. Whenever we can, we try to shop locally. If we can’t find what we need in the Monadnock Region, we will find the next closest alternative.

222 West St at the Colony Mill Marketplace

Keene, NH



Another “Vermont” brewery in NH. It was just too close to pass it by. The Belgian Mare Brewery in Alstead, NH has carved a rugged niche into the craft brew scene. Living on a historical farm in Cheshire county of southwest NH, Tim Roettiger uses a wood fired oven to cook his brews “the old fashion way.”

He has been perfecting his recipes for almost a decade in preparation to launching his 3 barrel brewery. Distribution is only in 22 oz. bottles — you will find both year-round and seasonal offerings from this great brewery.

The other unique part of the brewery is its off-grid aspect. “This building has no power to it,” says Roettiger. “The only automated part is this little chugger pump.” The three-barrel system features four repurposed tanks that serve as a boiler, a mash tun and two fermenters. The boiler is heated by burning wood inside an oven built to house the boiler. As you might suspect, using wood as your main source of heat can sometimes be difficult to manage. Recently his regular supplier stopped selling cheap slabs and now he pays top dollar for scraps and bundles of cordwood. “That’s been the biggest shock this spring – my fuel cost quadrupled.” he says.

207 Gilsum Mine Road
Alstead, NH



Looking for a Vermont brewery with pizza and beer? In the fall of 2014, Dan decided to step down as owner of Trout River Brewing Company. Kelen Beardsley, Gabriel Streeter, and Trevor Billings, three friends from the town of Springfield, Vermont, purchased the brewery. The three new owners are incorporated under Vermont Beer Shapers, LTD., honoring the heritage of the building that they moved the brewery to, the Fellows Gear Shaper building, located in the heart of Springfield, VT.  Trout River Brewing Company began brewing beer in their new location in March of 2016. The goal of Vermont Beer Shapers, under the DBA of Trout River Brewing Company, was to reinvent the brand that Dan spent 18 years building, while still keeping the small craft brews that people loved.

Although there isn’t really a good tasting area, they are open for pizza on the weekends. They have a wide variety of different pre-selected combinations of toppings.

100 River St

Springfield, VT 05156


HARPOON brewery

This Vermont brewery is quite established. Cap off your trip by taking a guided tour of the brewery on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! Learn all about Harpoon and get an up close and personal view of the brewing process. After the tour, all visitors over 21 years of age will enjoy a range of freshly-brewed Harpoon beers. You must be 21 years or older with proper ID to sample. Tours cost $5 and include a tasting (for visitors who are 21+). Tours last about 30 minutes.


Friday:  5 – 7 pm
Saturday: 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 12 – 4 pm

If you are visiting during non-tour times we offer a Production Viewing Area where you can check out the Brewhouse “up close” and learn all about Harpoon. Feel free to request a free sample from our sampling area.

336 Ruth Carney Drive

Windsor, VT 05089



The owner of this Vermont brewery gets back to the basics and brews and pours this craft beer – a labor of love.   It’s a no frills place…no cornhole, no munchies, no nonsense kinda’ place. You come for the beer because it’s that good.

Excellent up and coming brewery.

230 S Main St.

White River Junction, VT 05001


Thursday: Noon-6pm
Friday: Noon-8pm
Saturday: Noon-6pm
Sunday: Noon-6pm



Long Trail Brewing Company is another Vermont brewery that has a name that everyone knows. Founded in 1989 by Andy Pherson in the basement of the Bridgewater Woolen Mill, the company relocated to its current brewing facility and visitor center in 1995.[1] Originally known as Mountain Brewers, the company changed its name to Long Trail Brewing Company shortly after their relocation to Bridgewater Corners, Vermont.[1] In 2006, Long Trail was acquired by its present owner, Fulham and Co., a Massachusetts-based private equity firm. Located on the banks of the Ottaquechee River in the heart of the Green Mountains, the Long Trail campus includes its brewing operations, visitor center, farmhouse pilot brewery and wastewater treatment facility.

Our spacious riverside pub & restaurant was inspired by the Hofbräu House in Munich, Germany. It is a magnificent place where the beer is plentiful and the atmosphere is a unique blend of industrial design and down-home comfort. We’ve sourced local Vermont ingredients to offer you a seasonal menu that complements our award-winning, handcrafted beer.



5520 US Rte. 4
Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035



Killington Beer Company is located at 53 Woods Road, at the Spa building in the Woods Resort, Killington, Vermont. The facility opened for production in January of 2018. The brewery features a 4 barrel system which is capable of producing 125 gallons (about 55 cases) per brew. Beers are packaged in keg, cans, 22 ounce and special release bottle formats for distribution throughout the greater Killington area.

The brewery holds regular live music events and seminars. We are family friendly with food, soft drinks, and a spacious game room for our younger generation to enjoy!

Tours are available on Saturdays at 2:00 PM, first come, first served.

53 Woods Road
Killington, VT 05751



Chill, seat-yourself Vermont brewery with original, wood-fired pizza & many house beers, plus live music & TVs. Locally sourced food paired with hand crafted ales and lagers

Great microbrewery and restaurant.

Their skillet brownie sundae-takes about 15 minutes to make but worth the wait. Brownie dough cooked in a pan, topped with ice cream, whipped cream, hot chocolate sauce and a cherry. It was delicious!
You can also get cookie dough cooked in a skillet!

41 Center Street,

Rutland, VT 05701



The Vermont Tap House celebrates local farmers and brewers, with 30 regional brews on tap, and a menu featuring wood-fired pizzas, small plates, salads and sandwiches–made with the freshest ingredients available.

22 Merchants Row
Williston, Vermont, 05495
(802) 879-7060

Thinking of booking a vacation? We invite you to check our rustic log cabin for your perfect stay. Moose Pond cabin sleeps 8 and is just about 20 miles away from Brattleboro and also about 25 miles from several ski resorts.

St. Patrick’s Day in Southern Vermont

st patrick's day vermont

With four great ski resorts within 30 miles from our Moose Pond Cabin you are sure to find something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day in Southern Vermont. There are sure to be a lot of activities during the day for kids and adults and good music, entertainment and food.

Check out our rustic Moose Pond Cabin that sleeps 8 and is just about 20 miles away from Brattleboro and about 25 miles from the following ski resorts.




mnt snow

ShamRock Fest

Bud Light ShamRock Weekend

Lift tickets are only $17 if you purchase tickets online in advance–just bring your voucher to the ticket window on the 17th. Dress in costume and chow down at “Eggs and Kegs” in the morning, then head over to the Pot O’Gold scavenger hunt, which lasts all day. Find the hidden pot of gold and win a 2017/2018 seasons pass! Join the après party on the Cuzzin’s Deck to finish up your day, then return for live music on Friday and Saturday nights.


Friday March 16 – Saturday March 17



  • Limited Number of $17 Lift Tickets (must buy online in advance)
  • 8am – Kegs & Eggs @ Cuzzins
  • 10am – Pot O’ Gold Scavenger Hunt – Winner receives a 2018/19 Season Pass!
  • 12pm – 5pm FREE Live Music on Main St featuring:
    • Upstate Rubdown
    • August First
    • Pinedrop
  • 9pm –  Head for the Hills w/ special guest Pinedrop  @ the Snow Barn
    • Tickets are $15 online & $20 at the door (if available)
    • Online ticket sales will end at midnight on March 15


  • 8am – Kegs & Eggs @ Cuzzins
  • 12pm – 5pm FREE Live Music on Main St featuring:
    • Fruition
    • Dustbowl Revival
    • Twisted Pine​
  • 9pm –  Fruition w/ special guest Eastbound Jesus  @ the Snow Barn
    • Tickets are $20 online & $25 at the door (if available)
    • Online ticket sales will end at midnight on March 16



9:00 p.m.

Join us for the  Bud Light Shamrock Fest  and enjoy live music from Head For The Hills and Pinedrop!




magic mountain

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Southern Vermont at Magic Mountain with $5 Fresh Tracks Fridays by Harpoon. Then, head to the BLT stage at 7 pm for Saints & Lairs show!


11:30am – 4:30pm St Patrick’s Day with C&G…Stay Tuned!

12:00pm – 3:00pm Master of the Mountain Extreme Biathlon

3:00pm – 6:00pm Kevin Shields Live!

7:30pm – 11:00pm Live Band: Saints & Liars





St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt & Festivities


Wear green & ski for $17, all day! Don’t have enough green clothing for the entire family? Don’t worry– the Family Friday deal will still apply. If that weren’t enough, there will also be a pot of gold hiding on the top of Bromley between Runaround and Pushover containing a 2017/2018-season pass. Follow Bromley’s Instagram for hints about its location.



 Join us for après-ski entertainment, live music at the Wild Boar Tavern from 3:30 to 6:30pm!


Rando Race

 Bromley welcomes the NE Rando Race Series – a multiple-venue rando race (aka, ski mountaineering, uphill/downhill, “skimo”) – back to the Sun Mountain for their mid-March event.

Rando – short for randonnée – ski racing hearkens back to skiing’s early years, when skiers challenged the mountain both up and down, without the help of chairlifts. Using climbing “skins” with alpine touring or telemark bindings (or even “split” snowboards), racers start at the base of the mountain, ascend it, then descend it, as fast as possible, over multiple laps, up to 6,000′ cumulative vertical, in the truest test of the most complete skier overall.






Register Today

Calling All Skiers and Snowboarders. Friends and Family. Colleagues. All Ages and Abilities Invited. Sign up as an individual, start or join a team of up to 12 and get ready to enjoy the non-stop fun that will energize your spirit and create memories to cherish for a lifetime!

The sixth annual 24Hours of Stratton, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ski or ride around the clock (choose a “shift” or go all-out). This family-friendly, ski and ride party puts the fun in fund-raising with live music, spectator events, fireworks, good food and great times.

Stratton Mountain, VT, just four hours from New York and three from Boston, is home of the great snow guarantee, with fast lifts, lively resort Village and a range of accommodations from convenient hotel rooms to spacious mountain homes.

March 17 – 18, 2018. Opening party on Friday with a Saturday 9am sprint to the start surrounded by cheering fans and plenty of cowbell. Skiing. Riding. Music. Fun. Fireworks. Signature Events … All wrapping up with Sunday’s Athlete’s Breakfast and Awards Ceremony.

It’s your chance to ski under the stars. Look out at fireworks from the lift. Relish the serenity of first tracks at sunrise. Revel in the camaraderie. Earn bragging rights. Be part of an epic event that helps change the lives of Vermont children in need. Together we can change lives!










Mount Washington Auto Road

mount washington auto road
Seasonally Available • Early May – October 21, 2018
mt washington auto road             mt washington auto road
                                    mt washington auto road

Due to its remarkable location, weather, and history, the Mount Washington Auto Road is unlike any other driving experience in the Eastern United States. A trip on Mount Washington Auto Road is a one-of-a-kind experience offering ever-changing weather extremes, panoramic views and the opportunity to pass through four distinct climate zones as you climb to the highest peak in the Northeast.

The constantly-changing weather adds to the allure and mystique of the famous peak, often allowing visitors to experience high winds and dramatic cloud formations. With an average grade of 12%, a single mile of hard-packed gravel road around mid mountain, and above-treeline views beginning around 4,200 feet, this is truly one of the most spectacular drives in the Northeast!


Car & Driver $31
Motorcycle & Operator $17
Adult Passenger $9
Child (Ages 5-12) Passenger $7
Under 5 Yrs. FREE

Driving the Mount Washington Auto Road is about a new experience at every turn, even if you’ve already driven it several times. Weather, foliage, views…they’re always changing and keep the trips exciting. Drive yourself and earn the famous “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker.

Driving the Auto Road is about a new experience at every turn, even if you’ve already driven it several times. Weather, foliage, views…they’re always changing and keep the trips exciting. Drive yourself and earn the famous “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker.


Guided Tours

They offer a unique opportunity to learn the true nature and history of Mount Washington and the Auto Road. Driven by one of our accomplished and dedicated tour guides, your “stage driver” will offer stories, anecdotes, legends, history and insight into the ecological wonder of Mount Washington as well as point out interesting features and scenic opportunities from the base to the 6,288-foot summit.  

A trip on Mount Washington Auto Road is a one-of-a-kind experience offering ever-changing weather extremes, panoramic views and the opportunity to pass through four distinct climate zones as you climb to the highest peak in the Northeast.

Keep those cameras handy because once you arrive to the summit, you’ll be surrounded by the 750,000-acre White Mountain National Forest, where views on a clear day may extend as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and at time even the Atlantic Ocean!

But be prepared, as the Mount Washington summit reaches 6,288 feet into the clouds meaning you’re far more likely to experience some of the exciting weather extremes which Mount Washington is so well known for. Great for short videos to share with friends!

Also on the summit, you’re free to explore the many historic buildings and exciting opportunities available. Enjoy a historic stroll through the 1853 Tip Top House or find unique gifts at the Summit Stage Office. This is the building you’ll find chained down to the ground … the same building where the highest world record wind speed (observed by man) was recorded on April 12, 1934 … 231 miles per hour!

Additionally, the Sherman Adams Visitor Center offers a cafeteria, restrooms and gift shops, while the Mount Washington Observatory offers the interactive “Extreme Mt. Washington Museum”. Admission to this recently completed summit museum is included in your toll or guided tour fee, and offers interactive displays as well as opportunities to experience just what it’s like on top Mount Washington during the extreme winter months!


SnowCoach Tours

mt washington snow coach

Join us this winter for a comfortable winter tour to an extreme world at treeline on Mount Washington!

Driven by 4 tracks rather than wheels, the 12-passenger (we typically seat only 7- 9 persons) Mount Washington SnowCoach transports guests up to treeline on Mount Washington, at approximately 4,200 feet, into a sub-arctic world for a truly unforgettable adventure.


  • Tickets sales start at 8:30am on a first come, first serve basis, weather permitting
  • Advance reservations are now available for 9am and 10:30 most days.  We do also “set aside” on Coach for walk-ins at 9:00am and 10:30am
  • All other tickets are sold first come, first served as guests arrive throughout the day
  • Due to the popularity of these tours we urge you to arrive here as early as possible (we generally open at 8:30am – sometimes earlier)
  • Tours are approximately 1.5 hours in length


 RATES 2017-2018

Adult/Senior  $49

Junior (5-12 Yrs.)  $30


Sunrise SnowCoach Tours

mt washington snow coach

Experience a winter sunrise at treeline from the comfort of the Mount Washington SnowCoach.

Our experienced SnowCoach drivers will take you to treeline (weather permitting) at 4,200ft on the Mount Washington Auto Road for a chance to watch the sun rise. We leave promptly at 6:15am in January and 5:45am in February from the base lodge and will not hold back the trip as we need to keep a tight schedule throughout the day for all our guests.

Even if we don’t actually get to the see the sun rise, you can be sure the early morning lighting at treeline will make for incredible and unforgettable scenes. Although you are riding in a heated van, you should dress warm as you will have an opportunity to get out of the SnowCoach for pictures and to experience the weather on Mt. Washington.
Weather info can be found here and you are always welcome to call for the latest conditions at the top of our tour.



SnowCoach Tours give passengers a glimpse into extreme weather at the top of the tour, treeline, where the relative safety of the trees gives way to the barren rock expanse above. However, a few days throughout the season the mountain weather makes it impossible to safely make the trip up the mountain.

In case extreme mountain weather prevents the SnowCoach from operating, tours may be delayed or cancelled. Should that happen we will reach out to you to make arrangement to reschedule or refund your booking.

Check out our rustic Moose Pond Cabin that sleeps 8 and is just about 25 miles away from  several ski resorts. This would be a major day trip to Mount Washington, but so much to see along the way and it would be a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer day exploring northern New England.


Stratton Vermont Mountain Music~ Feb 17

stratton VT music


Music sounds better in the Vermont Mountains. Stratton’s year-round music scene features indoor and outdoor settings, small stages and large venues, local talent, rising stars and internationally acclaimed artists. The list of performers who have played the Stratton Vermont stage include Three Dog Night, The Wailers, Rusted Root, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Dark Star Orchestra, and Dirty Heads. Whatever your musical taste, we will have a weekend just right for you.

This weekend on Saturday Feb 17


9:30- 12:00

Since their conception, CT-based Funk/Soul band West End Blend has been playing their version of Funk and Soul in venues all over the Northeast. Fronted by vocalist Erica T. Bryan, the band pays homage to classic throwback sounds while adding their own distinct vibe and flair. Behind her, the Blend packs two guitars, a two-piece horn section, bass, keyboards and drums onto stages every night. From humble beginnings in an epic sweaty funky basement dance party, the Blend’s goal has always been to bring that same atmosphere to every show ever since.

Stratton Music

Mount Snow Vermont Presidents’ Week Winter Fest


There is a lot going on at Mount Snow Vermont this weekend besides just great skiing. Something fun for everyone


Friday, February 16

6 pm–9 pm: Open Mic Night at Snow Barn

7 pm: Beer Pairing Dinner with Stone Corral at 1900′ Burger

Join us for a culinary experience that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. We know that you love beer. So do we. Great beer is even better with great food. It is a common misconception that wine is the only beverage that food can be effectively paired with. On the contrary, beer actually has far more complex flavors and nuances that can be accentuated when accompanied by the proper food. That’s why our Executive Chef and his team have hand-picked a few of their favorite beers to bring you the Beer Pairing Dinner Series at 1900′ Burger at Mount Snow Vermont.

Dinner will be five gourmet courses paired with beers from Stone Corral. Your hosts will introduce each course and describe what you will be eating and drinking, and why they chose to pair them together.

There are a limited number of seats available for each event so advance reservations are required. We don’t want you to miss out on your chance to enjoy this awesome experience.

The five course dinner is served at 7 p.m | $70 per person + tax and gratuity.

8 pm: Tom Carroll at Harriman’s Farm to Table

Our staff combines classic culinary concepts from around the world to provide our guests a quality southern Vermont dining experience. As the model for our “farm-to-table” concept, Harriman’s at Mount Snow Vermont highlights the use of all-natural ingredients including local meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables to create our seasonal menus.

From seasonally-inspired cuisine to casual pub fare, unique appetizers, and a full children’s menu, you can be sure the variety of choices will please the whole family. We also offer breakfast on weekends and holidays during the winter season, making it easy to dine and relax together.

Harriman’s hosts live music in the pub during the winter months on Friday and Saturday nights, adding the area’s local music scene to your table playing your favorite music to dine to, or enjoy specialty cocktails and craft beers at the bar. See the list of performers at the bottom of this page.

9 pm: DJ Bay 6 at Snow Barn

29 year old Vermont native DJ BAY 6 had spun sets for Inspector Deck of Wu-Tang Clan and Kosher Dillz, also paying opening set Mayhem, Lazerdisk, Akil the mc (Jurassic 5) Michal Menert (Pretty Lights), Ma1ach1, The Durian, and many other Vermont and New England based artists. DJ BAY 6 hosts an EDM based radio show on WGDR and WGDH in central Vermont. Along with Djing, BAY 6 also VJ’s, creates visuals, designs and builds 3D mapped stages, and has done VJ work with Lazerdisk, Russ Liquid, Cosby Sweater, Distructo and with many local VT acts.

21+, doors open at 8pm, show starts around 9pm

Saturday, February 17 

10 am: Harris Hill Ski Jump in Brattleboro


Celebrating 96 years, Harris Hill in Brattleboro Vermont welcomes an international field of competitors for two days of competition on New England’s only Olympic-size 90-meter hill.

Discover the original extreme sport. Watch jumpers up close as they soar over 300 feet at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Join us for a festive atmosphere and fun for the whole family, including, music, food court, souvenirs, bonfire, and beer tent. Join in with the ringing of cow bells and thrill to the up-close, daring flight of the jumpers as they attempt to break the hill record of 304 feet set in 2017. Tickets are online or at the gate. Check the website for up-to-date news and event information.

11 am: Erin Harpe and The Delta Swingers outside on Cuzzins Deck


Open daily for lunch with a full-service menu that features burgers, wraps, mountainous salads and a tasty selection of appetizers, Cuzzins at Mount Snow Vermont is a great place to refuel after a morning on the mountain.  Mention Cuzzins to any Mount Snow regular and they will tell you it’s also home to one of the most legendary après ski scenes on the planet! The full bar offers a great selection of microbrews on tap as well as specialty cocktails to warm you up. Fantastic live music on weekends and during holiday weeks will get your feet stomping and fists pumping to the beat. Located in the Main Base Lodge.

With live music starting at 3 p.m. from Bruce Jacques on the following dates:

2/17, 2/18, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17

1 pm: Jeff Tuohy Band outside on Cuzzins Deck

3 pm: Bruce Jacques at Cuzzins

8 pm: Peter Miles at Harriman’s Farm to Table

9 pm: Gang of Theives at Snow Barn


High energy and an unforgettable live performance is the hallmark of these Vermont funk rockers, who fuse a new breed of rock and roll with a vibrant instrumentation to create a powerful sound palatable to audiences of all ages. The key to the Gang’s universal appeal is their infectious sense of fun and showmanship, delivered with a message that inspires and encourages positivity. Featuring an electric violin and one man horn section, the Gang blends a variety of genres into catchy tunes anyone can sing or dance along to.

The band’s new record, titled“ Born to Be Loud” was released in September 2016 and immediately charted on Relix/’s top 30, recently moving all the way up to #4. The album received a rave review from Vermont’s premiere publication Seven Days. The Gang also released a super hero themed music video for their song ‘Work Together’ exclusively through Relix Magazine.

Gang of Thieves recently finished their “Work Together Tour”, where they visited 40 cities across the nation. Along the way, they volunteered their time at local food shelters, animal hospitals, and community oriented projects, with a goal of making a positive impact on the neighborhoods they visit. The Gang hopes to continue these efforts as the “Work Together movement”.—gang-of-thieves/

21+, doors open at 8pm, show starts around 9pm

Tickets are available online for $12 until 11:59 p.m. at February 16. Tickets will be $15 at the door if still available.

Sunday, February 18

10 am: Harris Hill Ski Jump in Brattleboro

2 pm: Mike McMann at Station Tap Room

3 pm: Bruce Jaques at Cuzzins

9 pm: Rice, An American Band at Snow Barn


Rice – an American Band was born in the summer of 2014 as a few friends got together to jam, and liked the results. A mutual admiration society developed and a love of performing music together was created.

The band plays a combination of originals and covers including material from classic bands like Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Ray Vaughn. But lesser known material from bands like Woodbox Gang and International Anthem will play to fans like originals though they are written by past indie bands.

21+, doors open at 8pm, show starts around 9pm

Monday, February 19

10 am: Grommet Jam Finals

8 pm: Tom Carroll at Harriman’s Farm to Table

Tuesday, February 20

5 pm: Mr. Twisty Magic Show at Snow Barn

Wednesday, February 21

3 pm: Wine and Cheese Party at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand

3 pm: Steve Haigh at Station Tap Room

4:30pm:  Bonfire in the Main Base Area

6 pm: Torchlight Parade and Fireworks


Join us as our Mount Snow Ski & Snowboard School instructors descend the Canyon ski trail in a beautiful torchlight glow. Immediately following we’ll light up the sky with a huge fireworks display. The best place to watch our instructors descend Canyon is between the Clocktower and the Cape House.

8 pm: Jim Flynn at Harriman’s Farm to Table

Thursday, February 22

10am – 2pm:  Free race gates on Charlie’s Chase

4pm:  Backside Night @ the Snow Barn

Friday, February 23

2 pm: Dan Byrnes at Station Tap Room

8 pm: Peter Miles at Harriman’s Farm to Table

9 pm: Wild Adriatic at Snow Barn


Rooted in the rowdy spirit of rock & roll, Wild Adriatic has built an international audience on a combination of groove, grit, and guitar-heavy swagger. With the power trio’s newest album, Feel, bandmates Travis Gray, Rich Derbyshire, and Mateo Vosganian update the sound of their influences — from Seventies rock to Motown to soul — for a contemporary audience, taking influence from the past but never losing sight of the present. They aren’t revivalists; they’re modern men, carrying the torch of melodic, riff-ready, high-energy rock into new territory.
From the psychedelic “Chasing a Ghost” to the mellow, horn-filled “Come Baby Baby” — the latter song featuring blasts of brass from the West End Horns — Feel offers up 11 new songs of modern, analog, groove-heavy rock, with Wild Adriatic taking inspiration from breakups, friendships, new relationships, tour stops, and even politics. “Appleton” finds the guys paying tribute to the Wisconsin town that’s hosted some of their most most memorable shows, while songs like “Some Nerve” and “Hurricane Woman” channel the influence of guitar greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Walsh. Much of the album came together during five separate writing retreats, including treks to Virginia, Texas and Wisconsin. Throughout it all, the songs were written collaboratively, molded by a band of longtime friends who, more than a half-decade into their career, are still turning over new leaves.

21+, doors open at 8pm, show starts around 9pm

Tickets are available online for $10. Ticket will also be available at the door with limited quantities.

Saturday, February 24

12 pm: The Duppy Conquerers outside on Cuzzins Deck

3 pm: Bruce Jacques at Cuzzins

8 pm: Tom Carroll at Harriman’s Farm to Table

9 pm: The Breakfast at Snow Barn

Sunday, February 25 

3 pm: Erica Reynolds at Station Tap Room


Check out our rustic Moose Pond Cabin that sleeps 8 and is just about 20 miles away from Brattleboro and about 25 miles from Mount Snow and several other great ski resorts.

Brattleboro VT ~ 2018 Visitor Guide ~ Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition

VT ski jump

February 17–18, 2018

The Vermont Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition offers spectators an opportunity to experience the Olympic sport of ski jumping up close in all its breathtaking, heart-stopping glory. It draws some of the best competitors in the US. This amazing event is held on an Olympic-size, 90-meter hill.

VT ski jump

Ski jumping is a sport that truly needs to be seen up close to be appreciated and spectators can do that at Harris Hill Vermont

VT HH ski jump 1


Harris Hill Ski Jump is located on Cedar Street in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Free parking is on-site at the hill in the field.

It’s Vermont in February! For those who aren’t used to New England winters, it can be unpredictable, so it’s always best to dress in layers. Snow gear is highly recommended: waterproof boots, hat, gloves, long johns, etc. If it’s warmer, you can always peel off the layers!

You are in for a treat as the Harris Hill Vermont Ski Jump is a festive atmosphere with visits by Jumper the mascot, food vendors, music, event souvenirs and a heated beer tent with chairs and tables that are set up outside (weather permitting) at the base of the jump.

Vt HH ski jump

Thinking of booking a vacation? We invite you to check our rustic log cabin for your perfect stay. Moose Pond cabin sleeps 8 and is just about 20 miles away from Brattleboro and also about 25 miles from several ski resorts.

For more information, call: 802-254-4565 or go to: